Things to do on a date in Saskatoon

Things to do on a date in Saskatoon, all in one spot.

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You’re looking for ideas on things to do on a date in Saskatoon. Sometimes all you need is a really good idea for the makings of a lasting memory.

Do Sask is about the positive side of living in Saskatoon. This city may be small, but it’s bursting at the seams with opportunity.


Do Pizza

Do Hidden Patios

Do Ice Cream

Do Ice Cream in Saskatoon

Do Brews

Do Brews Features Saskatoon Brewery Tours Experience

Do Geeky 

Ten of the best places for geeky things to do in Saskatoon.

Do Candy

Do Candy in Saskatoon - Here are ten of the best places to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Do Gay-Friendly

A guide to gay bars and nightclubs in Saskatchewan

Do 420-Friendly

Ten of the best 420 things to do in Saskatoon.

Do Coffee

Ten of the best places to grab a coffee in Saskatoon.

Do Winter Indoors

Saskatoon's best indoor date ideas

Do a Winter Road Trip

Winter road trips in Saskatchewan

Do Fall

Do Bakeries

Saskatchewan Hidden Gem Bakeries

Do an Epic Summer Road Trip

Take a Road Trip around Saskatchewan this summer

Do a 1-Hr Road Trip

Here are ten great places to visit within an hour or so of Saskatoon.

Do Moose Jaw

Do Growler Fills

what to fill your growler with in Saskatoon

Do Patios

Saskatoon should start patio season early

Do Dinner for 2

Stuffed Chicken Medallion Recipe Dinner Date

Do Vegetarian 

Ten of the best Vegetarian places to eat in Saskatoon.

Do Thrifty

Here are ten thrifty things to do in Saskatoon.

Do Autumn 

Autumn 2017 activities in Sasktoon

When chatting with folks in Saskatoon, I hear a lot of comments about the lack of things to do here. After conducting my own research – and trying to keep on top of local events – I am overwhelmed with the amount of things to do on a date in Saskatoon.

By joining the Do Sask Facebook group, you’ll be the first to know about cool events in Saskatoon that you probably wouldn’t have imagined happened here. The activities produced from a city with a smaller population are incredibly diverse and abundant.

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