When to Visit Meerkats at the Saskatoon Forestry Farm

Last night,  I visited the Saskatoon Forestry Farm Park and Zoo with my family to get acquainted with the newest exhibit: meerkats. Luckily we had time to visit them just before the Saskatoon Forestry Farm closed its doors for the evening.

Since opening on April 1, 2018, the little African animals have captured some media attention. However I haven’t seen much of them since then other than a few glimpses published on local news sites. What gives?

I’m guessing the main reason they’ve been keeping a low profile is that they’ve been sleeping. The creatures are nocturnal which means they’re awake at night. Only a handful of other families were visiting in the park when my family and I arrived at around 7:30 pm. No lineups, no crowds. It was great!

After we paid our $12.50 per adult admission fees, the meerkats were the first stop on our list. We opened the door of the exhibit to find a mob of meerkats huddling together in a patch of sunlight that was beaming through the window. The animals were alive, but definitely not active.

So we strolled around the rest of the Saskatoon Forestry Farm until we were ready to leave. Just before we walked through the exit, we decided to give the meerkats another look.

We were surprised to find a very active ‘mob’ of meerkats bustling around inside their enclosure. We stayed and watched them as they scurried around their habitat.

Watch the video below to see the contrast between daytime and nighttime meerkat behaviour.

You could say the difference is night and day!

If you’re looking to see the meerkats in action, the best time to do it is just before the Saskatoon Forestry Farm Park and Zoo closes at 9:00 pm. Try it this weekend for your next date night in Saskatoon.

Pro Tip: Bring lots of mosquito spray.

Have you seen the meerkats active at different times of the day? Share your experience in the Do Sask Facebook Group to tell everyone about it!

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