CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Feature Your Prairie-based Art in an Online Exhibition!

Do Sask is a regional lifestyle brand featuring the best of Saskatoon and Saskatchewan. This post announces a special online exhibition for local prairie female artists to showcase their work to our audience.


Do you design empowering/uplifting/inspiring creative pieces? Do you call the prairies home? I would love to showcase your work in an online exhibition.

This opportunity is open to emerging and established prairie-based female artists.


Illustrations, graphics, typography, fibre, photography, calligraphy, etc. These works have a strong message or theme to be featured in a blog post, along with the artist’s bio.

Subject matter encompass relationships, love, community involvement, food and drinks, entertainment, fashion, environmental responsibility, loneliness, resilience, confidence, and social justice.


The Do Sask blog sees upwards of 20,000 page views per month and this number is climbing. It’s also home to an active social community offline which encourages people to step outside of their comfort zones for new experiences.

At worst, it’s a chance to get thousands of eyeballs on your projects. At best, you’ll have more local fans coming your way.

If interested, please send me a message with a few of your samples.


How about now?! But seriously…

Entry Cost: FREE.99
Maximum Items: 5 -files should be saved in .jpg or .png format
Accepting Submissions until: August 31 2018 11:59 pm

Not an artist yourself, but know someone I should know? Tag them in the comments below.

I want to use Do Sask as a medium to lift up other creative women in Saskatchewan and the prairies.

Let’s stand together.


June 3, 2018 Submissions open.
August 31, 2018 Deadline for submissions.
September 3, 2018 Applicants informed of publication date.
Sept 22, 2018 Exhibition begins at
December 31, 2018 Last day of exhibition.


Do Sask reserves the right to reject submissions that are in direct violation of copyright law. The artist retains copyright of their work and grants Do Sask permission to use their images on the website and social media platforms. Poor quality images will be declined. Please crop your image appropriately before submitting. Please include a 1-2 sentence description along with each image.

How to Create a Wine Glass Succulent Terrarium Like a Pro

How to create a wine glass succulent terrarium title image
Last weekend at the Modern Woman Show, I led a sold-out crowd of ladies in a workshop on how to create a wine glass succulent terrarium. Today, I’m using their photos to show you how they did it.

Succulents are the most popular plants around lately. From hipster weddings to trendy restaurant decor, everyone is going gaga over the resilient plant. And the Modern Woman Show provided the perfect spot to get our hands dirty with the little buds. This post will tell you how we did it.

When you think about it, a succulent is kind of an awesome metaphor for a woman’s life. It can be put through a lot of abuse and still survive. It can even thrive!

So whether you have a green thumb, or you kill every plant you touch – succulents terrariums are good for you.  They’re easy and decorative, incredibly stress-free to maintain, love an abundance of sun and are drought tolerant.

How to create a wine glass succulent terrarium.

First, you have to gather your materials.

How to create a wine glass succulent terrarium 5
Photo via Instagram @mortaliciousmoo.
  • Vessel (Wine Glass)
  • Sand/Gravel
  • River Stones
  • Clay Balls
  • Potting Soil with Perlite
  • Plants (Succulent & Moss)

Next, fill your wine glass with a false drainage system and a layer of soil.

How to create a wine glass succulent terrarium 3
Photo via Instagram @morecowbell73.

Cover the bottom with an inch-thick layer of pebbles or rocks to create a false drainage system for the plant roots. You never want too much water settling in the soil, otherwise mold and fungus will grow in the roots.

Add a layer of potting soil. Do not use all of the soil for the first layer. Our soil mix has added perlite to keep it dry.

Shake off the excess dirt from your succulent’s roots, as they will cling better to the new soil. Carefully place it in the terrarium.

Cover the roots with your remaining soil and press until your plant is secure.

Then, get creative with your top layer.

How to create a wine glass succulent terrarium 2
Photo via Instagram @morecowbell73.

Add pebbles, rocks, sand and sparkles in whatever pattern you choose. Then place your moss on top.

Plant Care

How to create a wine glass succulent terrarium 1
Photo via Instagram @sloancm.

Clean up your wine glass with a paint brush, paper towel, and Windex.

Lightly water the succulents. You should plan on having to water them (again, very lightly) once a week for the first month until they’ve become established. After that, they should only need watering every 3-4 weeks.

Place your new planters on display, preferably in a sunny spot and enjoy!

How to create a wine glass succulent terrarium 11
Photo via Facebook from Jacinda Johnston.

Thanks to all the ladies that came out to learn how to create a wine glass succulent terrarium. And an extra high-five to those who shared your beautiful finished products with me on Facebook and Instagram.

Special hugs to my good friend, Elle, and my mom, Linda, for taking time out of their #SundayFunday to help me make this workshop happen.

How to create a wine glass succulent terrarium 6
Photo via Instagram @scufflelover. From left: My friend Elle and me.


Do Sask hosts out-of-town art workshops with all supplies included in the cost. I would love to show your group how to create a wine glass succulent terrarium, fancy string art, alcohol ink ceramic tile coasters, and more. All I need is a minimum of 9 people confirmed and I will come to you! Plus, if you have a birthday, family reunion or celebration I’m happy to work with kids.

Email me, or call 306-241-3462 to book your hometown Do Sask Art Workshop today.