Saskatoon Pub Trivia Schedule 2019

Do you know everything there is to know about everything? Saskatoon pub trivia is happening in spots around the city throughout the week. This post gives an idea of where to go if you’ve got a whole lot of facts swirling around in your brain and no one to shout them at.

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Saskatoon pub trivia is better played as part of a well-rounded small team. Since you’re likely an expert on a few niche topics, feel free to coordinate with other experts to come out on top. Find them in the Do Sask closed Facebook group if you’re new to town, or your friends aren’t always game for a round. There are fun giveaways and food and drink specials waiting for the winning teams.

Active Saskatoon Pub Trivia Locations 2018 (updated for 2019)

Where: The Hose & Hydrant Pub 
Monday at 8:00 PM (updated March 4, 2019)

Where: Earls
When: Tuesday at 8:30 PM (updated March 4, 2019)

Where: Hudsons Canada’s Pub
When: rotating Tuesdays at 7:30 PM

Where: Fionn MacCool’s
When: Wednesday at 8:00 PM

Where: The Woods Ale House
When: Wednesday at 8:00 PM (closed for renovations as of February, 2019)

Where: Thirsty Scholar
When: Ongoing, Tournaments on Thursday at 7:00 PM (updated March 4, 2019)

Where: Mana Bar
Thursday at 7:00 PM (not currently running as of March 4, 2019)

Where: Revolve Cafe 
every other Friday at 7:00 PM (added March 5, 2019)

Where: Dino’s Grill
every other Sunday at 7:30 PM (added March 4, 2019)

Where: Amigo’s
When: roughly 1x month, check event page for details

Where’s your favourite spot for Saskatoon pub trivia? Join the Do Sask Facebook group to have your say!
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