Saskatoon Halloween Tour: Your guide to a spooky night of lights 2020

My husband and I are one of few neighbours on our block who like to decorate for spooky season. So we set out to find a few more displays to get into the Halloween spirit.

Now that we’ve got a new home, we’re looking forward to building a better display year after year.

From what I’ve found, there aren’t as many light displays on the east side of Saskatoon as there are on the west side of the city. I created both west side and east side google map tours of must-see houses and neighbourhoods you need to see this Halloween, from the comfort of your vehicle.

West Side:

555 Sebestyen Crescent
114 Adilman Drive
427 A.E. Adams Way
902 33rd Street East
1905 Richardson Road
300 Korol Crescent
503 Coad Crescent
100 Block Kirkpatrick Crescent
78 McDougal Crescent
Hughes Drive
Lisgar Avenue
505 Avenue S North
710 Matheson Drive
500 Appleby Drive

East Side:

800 Block of Heritage Crescent
Weyakwin Drive
Brookhurst Crescent
106 Simon Fraser Crescent
95 Lindsay Drive
80 Sparling Crescent
2201 Lorne Avenue
Senick Crescent

We’re looking to add more stops to our Halloween tour next year. Email your submissions, with a photo or two, to If you would like to be removed from this list, or you notice an address that isn’t participating, let me know and I will update it.