**Thanks for your interest in Saskatoon Brewery Tours. Effective September 30, 2019, Do Sask Tour offerings are only available to the Do Sask community.**
The Do Sask membership program is currently in development. Those interested in attending a brewery tour will need to be a member in order to attend future tours. Both private and public tours are no longer available. 
If you have your heart set on attending a tour in the immediate future, reach out to one of the stops directly to book your tour. They would be happy to have you.

Hop on a 3 hour Saskatoon Brewery Tour featuring the city’s favourite microbreweries and distilleries.

Sit back and enjoy stories, suds, and socializing. Every stop on tour has a unique flavour that you’ll learn about as you taste your way through Saskatoon. Do Sask Tours has set up a tasting flight and tours at three local Saskatoon microbreweries  and distilleries*!

*Stops on your trip vary depending on availability. New stops are coming, so check back often!

Questions? Visit the FAQ page.


I love hearing from my Saskatoon brewery tour customers. At the end of every event, I ask for feedback from all attendees on their experience. Your opinion is an essential part of what makes Saskatoon brewery tours better each time.

Here’s what people are saying about Saskatoon Brewery Tours…

5 stars – “I loved learning & knowing the stories behind the brewery & the people.”

5 stars – “Fun for a big group. Great local brewery experience. Highly recommend.”

5 stars – “The brew-master did a great job of teaching us about the process and seemed very passionate & knowledgeable. Very fun experience. “

5 stars – “Great tour. My brain is still trying to absorb the wealth of knowledge. Brought a new meaning to craft brew.”

5 stars – “It’s awesome that transportation is included. A+++”

5 stars – “Great social experience and chance to experience some new places around Sask.”

I would love to hear your comment along with your honest rating. If you have an unacceptable experience, please contact me.