Next-level topics for the free Adulting seminars at the Saskatoon Public Library

Whether you just became an official adult, or have been an adult for years – it’s a lot more work than many of us bargained for. Between managing bank accounts, staying away from full Amazon shopping carts, trying to keep a semi-involved social life, pleasing your boss and higher-ups, and making sure your love life is taken care of – the everyday experiences of adults can sometimes be overwhelming.

Keep in mind that most adults actually have no idea what’s going on.

The Saskatoon Public Library recognizes that we may need some help learning the basics. This winter, they’re offering a free program called “Adulting 101”. Open to teens and adults, their seminars are focused on providing practical advice for new or burgeoning adults. Topics span from renting and budgeting to vehicle maintenance.

The first set of seminars took place on January 11 at the Alice Turner and Mayfair Branches in Saskatoon. There will be a new set of seminars each month, with the program concluding in April.

via SPL’s Winter 2020 Programming Guide.

These seminar topics are a good start. However, since Do Sask is all about leveling up, I believe there should be another tier of the program: Adulting 201. This is for those of who have mastered… er… managed to maintain the basics.

Here’s a list of next-level Adulting topics that most adults contemplate at some point or another:

  • Is This Love: How to decide if the guy/gal you’re currently seeing is worth your time
  • Living with Roommates: How to choose a good roommate and get rid of bad ones
  • Learn to Like Yourself: How to do things on your own
  • Turning 30: It isn’t a big deal and here’s why
  • Turning 30: It is a big deal and here’s why
  • Success: What does it mean to you?
  • Decluttering: How to avoid starring on an episode of Hoarders
  • Planning Ahead: Make responsible life decisions before you get stressed af
  • Plan B: (In case you missed Planning Ahead)
  • Family Rifts: How to manage dysfunctional relatives
  • Frienemies: Dealing with fake friends
  • Housework Hustle: Fair project management strategies for the home
  • Toxic Bosses: Know the signs before accepting that job offer
  • My Style: What is it?
  • Choose a Religion: How to live a good life according to Jesus, Buddha, Allah and more
  • Kids: To reproduce, or not to reproduce, that is the question
  • Death: Pondering your own mortality
  • When to Quit: Some things don’t need finishing

All that aside, if you’re looking for some beginner hints for life as an adult, you should probably check out the free program at SPL.