Last-Minute Gifts in Saskatoon That Totally Say, “I Didn’t Buy this from the Gas Station on Christmas Eve”

In a surge of desperation to find something to give your S.O., you’ve found yourself under fluorescent lights. The cashier waits while you contemplate a pine-scented air freshener over some extra USB charging cables. You sigh deeply. If only you had read this post about last-minute Christmas gifts in Saskatoon!

You can’t believe you let yourself get to this point: last minute shopping in the only place that’s open… the gas station. You don’t want to go back.

So you have like, 3 days – there is no need to be so dramatic. Now is the time to lock down bae’s Christmas gift, or risk looking like you don’t give af about them. 

First, before you even start shopping you should know which love language they speak. For example: 

  • Do they prefer hearing how great you think they are over a new watch? Take time to spell it out for them in a heartfelt letter.
  • Or, could they use a day with you all to themselves instead of a fresh pair of kicks? Set aside a date and keep them in mind when planning memorable activities. 

Most people are a combination of two love languages. So if you get the gist and know for sure they want something under the tree, read on. I’ve got some local Christmas gift ideas you can pick up at shops in Saskatoon like, today:


Literally any combination of food in a basket

If your S.O. is the foodie type, you can’t go wrong with a basket full of local sweet and savory snacks. Shops like SaskMade Marketplace put it all together for you, or you can customize your own gift bag.

My favs include: popcorn seasoning, pemmican, fudge, and pickles. 

One-of-a-kind accessories in soft vintage leather

If it’s too early in the relationship to guess their shoe size, grab ’em a bag. Saskatoon’s vintage shops are stocked with hip bags, or purses.  These places are notorious for unique open hours, so check Google before you show up on Christmas Eve. 

A legal dime bag… because you’re 19+, live in Canada, and it’s 2018

Hey, they could be into it. At the very least, you’ll have a good conversation starter. Two Saskatoon shops opened just in time for the holidays, Living Skies Cannabis and The Pot Shack. Remember to pay cash. 

Or grab them a bag of these look-alike chocolates to start the pot conversation before you go all-in

Handmade artwork from one of Saskatoon’s local makers

Plenty of shops around town carry stylish and affordable designs. Make it easy and head to Joyne on Broadway for a good selection in one place. 

Adopt a living, breathing gift for the plant lover

Pop a succulent or air plant in a quirky planter and BOOM! You’re done. Plenty of places including Solar Gardens, Dutch Growers, and Bills House of Flowers stock these babies. 

Pour them a glass of local Christmas cheer

Try a new sip from one of the craft breweries and distilleries in town. Your best bet is to purchase the growler with a future fill for ultimate freshness. The newest brew stop in town is Shelter Brewing Co., or try purple wheat vodka from Stumbletown Distilling

Something warm and cozy made by a local crafter

You know all those art markets and craft shows that you totally missed out on over the fall? Well, you can still find these unique items on display thanks to places like The Hobnobber

happy holidays!

You’re bound to step up your last-minute Christmas game with these local gifts. So get out there and hit a home run!