Best Craft Beer Saskatoon: Fill Up Your Growlers This Weekend with These Microbrews

In celebration of Top of the Hops, happening this weekend at Prairieland Park, this post gives you the cream of the crop in the province’s craft brewing scene. Fill up your glass with something local! And don’t forget to visit me at the Do Sask booth to build your own pretzel necklace – good craft beer needs good craft snacks.

It’s technically spring, but the weather has been so hot it’s feeling like summer. Just as soon as the patios start bustling and the BBQs begin sizzling, people look for new ways to quench their thirst. One popular way to do that is to fill up a growler from a local microbrewer with the best craft beer in Saskatoon. 

As the craft beer scene in Saskatchewan continues to grow, with each year it adds a new crop of beer lovers to the province. For example, there’s an active “Beer lovers of Saskatchewan” group on Facebook where people discuss the best (and worst) of our local brews.

Recently, a member asked where he should go to fill up his growlers for the weekend. Here’s a look at the recommendations for best craft beer in Saskatoon, as listed by active group members. I’ve also added in top-ranking brews from Saskatoon Brewery Tour attendees’ feedback.

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Most mentions goes to High Key Brewing Co. London Fog Porter, White Off the Hop White IPA, Jolly Roger Ale & Pomegranate Pale Ale

I’m really loving High Key right now, especially their London fog porter.”

“Nope, the london fog is terrible. No one should drink it so there is more for me.”

21st Street Brewery Hoodless IPA & Sweet Lea Kettle Sour

9 Mile Brewing Co. No. 229 Pale Ale

Nokomis Craft Ales Brown

Black Bridge Brewery Double IPA

Paddock Wood Heartstopper Hot Chocolate Stout

Prairie Sun Brewery Prairie Lily Lager

Pile o’ Bones Brewing Co. Simcoe Smash “Get that in your face hole ASAP”

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