Pick 10: Fall Date Ideas for Every Couple in Saskatoon

Saskatoon autumn date ideas

I’m lucky to have experienced many autumn things in Saskatoon to build this definitive guide to fall date ideas in the city.

So far, I’ve played puzzles blindfolded with horses, transformed into a human soccer ball and got attacked by children, picked a pumpkin from the local patch, and went indoor mini golfing. But there are still plenty of things I haven’t done that made their way into this post. 

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Treat your date to a plate of gourmet donuts, plan a cozy bonfire picnic in the park, tailgate at a local football game, or courageously tackle a high ropes course. There is a world of fall fun listed below.

Get a bird’s eye view of the changing leaves.

Photo via Blue Mountain Facebook Page.

Take a road trip to the zip-line and high ropes course at Blue Mountain Adventure Park, or get even higher in a hot air balloon ride with Sundance Balloons.

Plan a farmers’ market grocery haul and make a local producer smile.

Taken at the Saskatoon Farm near Calgary.

Set a reasonable spending limit and go on a shopping spree at the Saskatoon Farmers’ Market – just in time for a harvest feast.

Slip on a pair of safety socks and become a human soccer ball.

Apex Trampoline Park Saskatoon
Photo via Apex Trampoline Park Facebook Page.

After trying to fend off children (and my date) for close to 10 minutes, I was out of breath and sweating through my clothes. Plan to spend about 30 minutes total at the park – believe me, it’s more than enough time!

Choose a topic you both love and browse for the best reads at McNally Robinson Booksellers.

Go on a mini coffee and donut crawl.

Sample the latest gourmet flavours at the newly opened Pals Donuts (Revolve Cafe) and Darkside Donuts.

Gourmet Donuts from Darkside
Photo via Darkside Donuts Facebook Page.

Play an escape game with a live, 1-tonne animal as your key.

Equine Assisted Couples Communication Course
The owners of Lift Farm invited us out for a night.

Put your communication skills to the test with a rescue horse at the helm at Lift Farm EAL. On date nights at Lift, you’ll work through different obstacles to see if you can complete them together.

Tailgate with thousands of friends from town.

Pack your warmest toque, stadium cushion, and cooler and head for the Huskies game.

Pumpkin picking has never been more fun!

Black Fox Distillery Pumpkin Festival 2017

Pick your favourite pumpkin to decorate and carve together from the folks at Black Fox Farm.

Hike along the Meewasin Valley at Beaver Creek followed by a bonfire picnic at a local park.

Slow clap your way into their heart with a round of indoor mini golf at Market Mall on a rainy autumn day.

Choose a rural Saskatchewan town you haven’t visited and make a day trip out of it.

Drive the country back roads and plan your own photo scavenger hunt to capture the adventure. (Stuck on ideas? Try What to Order at Saskatchewan’s Favourite Hidden Gem Bakeries or How to spend 48 hours in Moose Jaw Saskatchewan.)

Give your date a classic autumn experience with a day of apple picking at Petrofka Orchard. (Closes for the season on October 15th.)


Pick 10: Local Spots That Prove Pizza is Life in Saskatoon

Saskatoon Pizza Black Cat

This pizza-riffic post is dedicated to my mom. She’s the biggest pizza lover in Saskatoon! Family Pizza should probably know her by topping. This weekend it’s her birthday, so I know she’ll be getting a slice or two to celebrate. From the abundance of pizza joints currently open in Saskatoon, mom obviously isn’t the only ‘za lover in town. 


There are so many different styles of pizza in the city, so let’s break them down into these three categories: deals, family restaurants, and wood-fired ovens. Depending on your mood and occasion, you can choose to hit up these places at the right moment.

Impress your date with Italian thin crust, impress your friends with big savings, and impress your fam with a meal everyone will love. Capisce?

Pro Tip: this post is best enjoyed while listening to Cardi B – Best Life. Ready? Let’s go!


If you’re having one of those days where you just want to take off your bra, throw on some sweats*, and put on a good movie at home these specials are for you.

*Stretchy pants not included. 

Family Pizza

Known for: 2 for 1 specials all the time and free delivery.
Where: Multiple locations 7 Assiniboine Drive & 1010 Taylor Street East
Phone: 306-242-1310 & 306-374-9777

Red Swan Pizza

Known for: Ridiculously cheap pick up specials.
Where: Multiple locations 22nd Street West, 8th Street East, & 2750 Faithfull Avenue
Phone: 306-974-0467, 306-954-9944, & 306-954-6622

Solaro Pizza

Known for: $5 for two pieces by the slice pick-up.
Where: 3730 Diefenbaker Drive
Phone: 306-249-4500

Little Chicago Pizza

Known for: Heaps of cheese.
Where: 1301 8th Street East
Phone: 306-242-9899

Black Cat Pizza, formerly known as Nino’s

Known for: Old signage, good portions.
Where: 801 Broadway Avenue
Phone: (306) 652-6466

Vern’s Pizza

Known for: Sky-high meaty toppings.
Where: Multiple locations 1610 11th Street West, #8 Assiniboine Drive, & 706C Central Avenue
Phone: 306-664-2588, 306-933-3002, & 306-665-8376


Get the whole clan out for a bite to eat at one of these two classic Saskatoon mainstays.

Venice House Pizza

Where: Multiple locations. I prefer 906 Central Ave.
Phone: 306-373-6666

The Cave

Known for: Caveman pizza challenge. Finish a 40″ pizza with 4 friends to get it free. Advance order required.
Where: 2720 8th Street East
Phone: 306-374-5090


No matter how good the above-mentioned pizza recipes are, it’s hard to beat the unique taste baked into a wood-fired pizza.

Christies Il Secondo

You know what makes us happy? Pizza. Pizza makes us happy

A post shared by Christie’s Il Secondo (@christiesilsecondo) on

Known for: Napoletana style.
Where: 802-C Broadway Avenue
Phone: (306) 384-0506

Aroma Resto Bar

Fresh from the flame tonight in Aroma only $8

A post shared by Aroma Resto Bar (@aromayxe) on

Known for: $8 deal on Monday and Wednesday.
Where: 405 20th Street East
Phone: (306) 667-2358


You won’t find anything like the pizza at Congress, available one day a week in Saskatoon.

Congress Beer House

Known for: Chicago deep dish on Tuesday only.
Where: 215 2nd Avenue South
Phone: 306-974-6717


10 Reasons Why I Started Saskatoon Speed Dating

Speed Dating in Saskatoon

As a regular speed dating host, I get asked this question a lot:

“Why did you start a speed dating business?”

My answer will now be:  read this post. I’ve made a list below of some of the reasons that impacted my decision to start offering this service for Saskatoon singles. 

1. Making connection intentional.

I know that it’s hard to meet people when you’re busy with work, school, business, and LIFE. If you don’t make time for meeting new people you’ll stay in that endless rut.

2. A less-than-fun first timer experience.

You know what they say about your first time… I tried speed dating years ago and hated it. Every man asked me, “So, what do you do for a living?” It felt like a bad job interview that that I couldn’t escape.

I thought I could make some improvements and started testing out my format. So far, attendees like it a lot (5 star reviews).

3. A place where “No” means no and “Yes” means yes.

As awful as my first experience was, when I took part in speed dating I learned what it was like to say “no” to many people who may not have been right for me. Up until then, I gave people chances when they didn’t really deserve them. The process of speed dating was enough to give me autonomy in my day-to-day relationships. I want to pass that on to others.

Read more about the code of conduct to learn what is and isn’t okay in this community.

4. No other place in the entire province was offering it.

From what I found in market research, speed dating just wasn’t a regular thing in Saskatoon or Saskatchewan. This may be related to the size of the population, or the ideas and attitudes around dating on the prairies. People come from all over the province to take part and get offline for a night.

5. People fascinate-the-fuck outta me.

They give me lots of energy (and endless anecdotes). I’ve already met a lot of interesting people and hope to meet more.

6. Small city dwellers can be a lil’ cliquey.

Sometimes people are slow to trust and don’t make outsiders feel very welcome. They usually have a group of friends they’ve known since kindergarten and they have no idea what it feels like to be “new to town”. This makes it difficult for newcomers to establish solid relationships (both friendships and otherwise).

I am striving to create an inclusive space with Do Sask. Old friends are good. But have you tried meeting new ones? It’s THRILLING.

7. Singles just want to mingle.

No matter what there are always gonna be people looking for friendship, dates, and new ideas. Do Sask removes the question of whether they are open to that or not to save you a lot of time wondering.

8. Trying something new is okay.

People who attend speed dating are ready to give it a shot. I want to offer a service that’s different from my day job as a writer for businesses, but isn’t a complete 360.

9. The success story challenge.

I like a good sky-high goal that I have no control over. I thought speed dating could be a catalyst for friendships and date matches to blossom here in Saskatchewan. Since Do Sask launched speed dating last year, past attendees are already telling me it’s working. (We currently have a 80% match rate!)

If you attended Do Sask speed dating in the past, please share your honest recommendation with your friends. Word of mouth is very important to growing this community!

10. Collaborating with a few local pubs makes it easy for me.

Not a lot of businesses would give a solopreneur full reign of half their pub and invite them to come back regularly. But the Hose & Hydrant Brew Pub did last year! And then Finn’s Irish Pub did this year! Both spots are worth checking out for a casual night with your new date.

Do Sask is a lot more than speed dating! Check out the closed group for city conversations, exclusive contests, and upcoming event listings. Become a VIP to get weekly announcements about more fun things to do in and around Saskatoon.

An earlier version of this post was originally published on Facebook in August, 2017.

Eating at Taste of Saskatchewan 2018

It’s Taste of Saskatchewan 2018 week! Todd says, “Let’s post a video of me eating a churro in high-speed.” So here it is:
If you can’t tell from the video, we stuffed our faces at Taste of Saskatchewan 2018 last night. The week-long food festival runs until this Sunday, July 22. It’s open to all and free to attend. There’s live entertainment throughout the day and the entire space is licensed. 

Taste of Saskatchewan 2018

Photo via Downtown Saskatoon.

Where: Kiwanis Memorial Park, between the Delta Bessborough Hotel and the Vimy Memorial Bandshell in Saskatoon.
When: Tuesday, July 17th 11:00am to 9:30pm, Wednesday – Saturday, July 21st 11:00am to 10:30pm, Sunday, July 22nd 11:00am to 8:00pm
Tickets: live entertainment is free, food tokens are $2.00 each and liquor tokens are $6.00 each.

The specialty menu items were hard for me to find. Out of seven different dishes, I recommend the Classic Rueben Sandwich from the German Cultural Club and Churros with Custard from Mi Casa Restaurante.

We also tried:

    • Edible Cookie Dough from Big Wing’s
    • Maki Combo from Nisen Sushi Restaurant (they make it fresh, so be prepared to wait in line)
    • Ginger Beef on Rice from Saskatoon Asian Restaurant
    • Boneless Dry Ribs from Tomas the Cook Restaurant
    • Crispy Chicken Poutine (sans chicken because they ran out) from Tony Tomas Restaurant

If I go back, I want the Ham and Gruyere Crepe from Little Bird Patisserie & Café. I noticed that the heat is pushing a lot of people to the Homestead Ice Cream tent to cool down. Which other unique Saskatoon eats did I miss?

Taste of Saskatchewan is on all week long at Kiwanis Memorial Park. Follow their Facebook for details and check out the menu before you go!

What are your top picks from taste of saskatchewan so far? Tell me what you ate in the Closed Facebook group.
Featured image: Downtown Saskatoon

10 Best Hidden and Rooftop Patios in Saskatoon

The Saskatoon summer heat brings everyone into the sun for drinks with friends. The city has one of the largest rates of restaurants per capita in Canada, so rooftop patios are one way to stand out above the rest. Get a new perspective of the city, or choose a lesser-known gem for some downtime. This post focuses on the local patios that are hidden away, or up a flight of stairs.

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You’ll find a selection of hidden and rooftop patios throughout Saskatoon. Known as decks to most locals, these rooftop patios are available throughout the warm months of May through September. Most of these spots are very casual and affordable, so leave the “extra” to instagram and just relax.

10 Best Hidden & Rooftop Patios in Saskatoon

Yard & Flagon Pub

Why not stop for a Bellini on this beautiful day! ☀️

A post shared by The Yard & Flagon (@yardandflagon) on

Known as one the best rooftop patios in Saskatoon, the Yard is an Irish Pub that serves up traditional fare and draft beer. The patio is multi-level, so watch your step after you’ve been sipping on day drinks.

Address: 718 Broadway Avenue
Phone:  (306) 653-8883

Winston’s English Pub

Go all the way to the back right of the bar, then go a little further. Once you pass the washrooms, you’ll make a beeline to the patio doors. Enjoy one of over 76 craft beer on tap with your all day brekki – completely hidden from the public.

Address: 243 21st St E
Phone:  (306) 374-7468

The Hose & Hydrant Pub

It’s a BEAUTIFUL day for some patio drinks! See you on the deck 🍻☀️

A post shared by The Hose And Hydrant (@thehoseandhydrant) on

A new-er edition to the historic fire hall building, the patio is a large and welcoming space for your group. Sip a caesar by the fire pit and load up on signature “fire starter” appies like anojitos.

Address: 612 11th St E
Phone:  (306) 477-3473

Vista Lounge

Fans of small plates rejoice! This west-coast inspired lounge is the perfect spot to watch the sunset while you share dinner with friends. Choose the side patio for a quick cocktail, or step up to the rooftop for a whimsical view with a balloon.

Address: 339 Ave A S
Phone:  (306) 653-2256

O’Shea’s Irish Pub

Get classic Irish pub fare at one of the most popular rooftops in the city. O’Shea’s steps up to summer with a heating and misting contraption to keep you comfy no matter the weather.

Address: 222 2 Ave S
Phone:  (306) 384-7444

Crazy Cactus

The downtown patio is home of the gringo! That may not mean much to outsiders, but the notorious cocktail is made with Churchill Blonde craft beer, tequila, triple sec and lime. Saskatoon’s younger crowd LOVES the stuff.

Address: 269 3 Ave S
Phone:  (306) 975-1266

Specklebelly’s Pub & Eatery

You won’t hear much about this low-profile patio in Sutherland, but it’s worth a try. This pub has insanely good feature drinks every night. In my opinion, the best day to go is Saturday – there aren’t huge line ups and you can get a decent date for cheap.

Address: 900 Central Ave
Phone:  (306) 249-0900

Dino’s Bar & Grill

Another Sutherland staple patio, Dino’s is a student bar that serves up Italian cuisine from the Venice House Traditional Grill kitchen downstairs. Get delicious food for a fraction of the cost with the daily special menu.

Address: 906 Central Ave
Phone:  (306) 373-6666

Una Pizza + Wine

This patio is located in an alcove next to the Broadway Theatre. You won’t necessarily feel off-the-beaten-path as Una is one of the most popular places to dine in Saskatoon. However it took me about 3 tries to figure out exactly where the patio was – so they’ve got that going for them!

Address: 707 Broadway Ave
Phone:  (306) 978-0116

Louis’ Pub 

🚨🚨 PATIO IS OPEN 🚨🚨#yxeeats #yxepatio #saskbeers COME HANG OUT WITH US

A post shared by Louis’ (@louis.events) on

Every U of S student knows that Louis’ is a great place to wind down after a long day of studying. But did you know that their rooftop patio is open to everyone sans tuition payments? Combine student-friendly prices with a bird’s eye view of the gorgeous campus and you’ve got yourself a winner.

Address: 93 Campus Drive
Phone:  (306) 966-7000

DO YOU PLAN ON GOING TO ONE OF THESE rooftop patios IN SASKATOON? For more fun things to do in Saskatoon, Subscribe to the Do Sask Newsletter!

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Contact Do Sask, or reach out on Facebook if you would like everyone to know your favourite summer activity.

Featured image: Una Pizza + Wine

Saskatoon Pub Trivia Schedule 2019

Do you know everything there is to know about everything? Saskatoon pub trivia is happening in spots around the city throughout the week. This post gives an idea of where to go if you’ve got a whole lot of facts swirling around in your brain and no one to shout them at.

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Saskatoon pub trivia is better played as part of a well-rounded small team. Since you’re likely an expert on a few niche topics, feel free to coordinate with other experts to come out on top. Find them in the Do Sask closed Facebook group if you’re new to town, or your friends aren’t always game for a round. There are fun giveaways and food and drink specials waiting for the winning teams.

Active Saskatoon Pub Trivia Locations 2018 (updated for 2019)

Where: The Hose & Hydrant Pub 
Monday at 8:00 PM (updated March 4, 2019)

Where: Earls
When: Tuesday at 8:30 PM (updated March 4, 2019)

Where: Hudsons Canada’s Pub
When: rotating Tuesdays at 7:30 PM

Where: Fionn MacCool’s
When: Wednesday at 8:00 PM

Where: The Woods Ale House
When: Wednesday at 8:00 PM (closed for renovations as of February, 2019)

Where: Thirsty Scholar
When: Ongoing, Tournaments on Thursday at 7:00 PM (updated March 4, 2019)

Where: Mana Bar
Thursday at 7:00 PM (not currently running as of March 4, 2019)

Where: Revolve Cafe 
every other Friday at 7:00 PM (added March 5, 2019)

Where: Dino’s Grill
every other Sunday at 7:30 PM (added March 4, 2019)

Where: Amigo’s
When: roughly 1x month, check event page for details

Where’s your favourite spot for Saskatoon pub trivia? Join the Do Sask Facebook group to have your say!
Do you organize Saskatoon pub trivia? Send in your schedule to be included on this free listing.

Do Sask Book Club just got better thanks to McNally Robinson Booksellers

Now that it’s July, we’re officially more than halfway through 2018. It’s about time to shed some light on the Do Sask Book Club that began casually back in January and how it’s about to get better thanks to McNally Robinson Booksellers.

You probably noticed while perusing Do Sask over the past 18 months that organizing group experiences is my thing. From brewery tours to speed dating, craft workshops to road trips – creating new activities close to home is part of what gives my life meaning. 


The Do Sask Book Club began as an in-person meetup for closed Facebook group members. I only knew one other member in person before the book club met up in January this year.

Finding a group of friends who are willing to commit to monthly gatherings isn’t easy. Take my Sunday-night all-women D&D experiment group. We found out that having a 3-hour-plus game late into the evening on a work night wasn’t going to fly long-term. (Yes, I play D&D. Did I mention I’m a dork?)

However if a bunch of friends commit as a group to finishing something they start, they can definitely do some big things in the world. That’s what community means to me. And that’s why I started the Book Club.

Over the past 6 months, we’ve read five different titles and held meetings at a number of local venues. Books include Sleeping Beauties by Stephen and Owen King,  1984 by George Orwell, Ready Player One by Ernest Cline, Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari, and Artemis by Andy Weir. There was a clear theme that ran through these discussions, but it wasn’t planned as books are chosen by random draw.


  • Book Draw Everyone in attendance puts their #1 title into a draw.
  • Eclectic Topics Each title will eventually be picked, so you’re guaranteed to have your book chosen along with a variety of other options – some you may hate and others may surprise you.
  • Flexible Meetings Dates are chosen on a day that works for the majority of attendees, usually a Monday or Tuesday evening.
  • Drinks & Discussion Book club members get together for a casual conversation over lattes and cocktails.
  • Book Club is always FREE Please bring cash if you’d like to order a drink and snacks to support the host venue.

If your schedule is anything like mine, you may not have time to include leisure reading every month. That’s why we don’t enforce the rule of finishing the book (although it makes a difference for the discussion). So you never have to feel pressure and can show up if you want to take part, or just listen.

What I’ve loved most about the Do Sask Book Club is learning how different people pick up unique aspects of each book. No one thinks alike and everyone offers a new perspective, or pieces of the story that I may have missed.


Meet us at Prairie Ink Restaurant inside McNally Robinson Booksellers starting later this summer. Along with providing space for discussions, McNally is offering Do Sask Book Club members their Reader Reward card for $10 which gives you 10% off your purchases. There will be a draw for a gift card at every meeting, if you needed some added incentive.

In the future, the curators at McNally Robinson Booksellers are willing to line up authors to potentially speak and offer book suggestions when applicable.


At the July Do Sask Book Club, we’ll discuss “The Merry Wives of Windsor” before watching the play at Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan. Check out the event listing for details. 

The year is young! Fill it with new friends, a few drinks, and some literature at the Do Sask Book Club. Please contact me if you’d like more information about upcoming meetings. 

3 Reasons Not to Miss the DTNYXE 42nd Annual 2ND AVE Sidewalk Sale 2018

DTNYXE 2ND AVE Sidewalk Sale Festival Style

The 2ND AVE Sidewalk Sale 2018 returns to Downtown Saskatoon July 5 to 7, 2018. Admission is free for this 42-year staple of Saskatoon’s festive summer season. Get to the heart of the city with fantastic shopping, music, fashion, and this year, an art market!  

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The three-day event will feature food trucks and some of the hottest shopping deals of the year in Downtown Saskatoon. Plus, family-friendly fun includes clowns, super heroes, and hula hooping. A new festival-style Art Market showcases a wide variety of local artisans who call Saskatoon home.

Come back every day for FREE music and entertainment!

Confirmed food trucks:

güd eats inc.
Mean Green Ice Cream Machine
Prairie Juice Co.
Prairie Poppins
Simply Grounded Coffee Gallery
SoomSoom food truck
Homestead Ice Cream
Coffee Plus Café
nom nom food truck

Confirmed artisans:

A.lo Art
Art By Kat Moon
Byond The Looking Glass Gems
Droolin’ Devil Fine Foods
Freedom Bound Books
DSR Custom Carpentry
Acos Handcrafted Jewellery
Andie Nicole Art
Remai Modern Art & Design Store


Chill with the besties and meetup with the ones you least expected to see

With a little something for everyone, you never know who you’ll run into at this massive outdoor market. That’s probably the best reason to go – you’ll have a great excuse to catch up with friends you haven’t seen in a while!

FREE workouts every morning with your squad

Wake up bright and early to workout with your tribe before shopping begins! Don’t miss the special Lululemon daily workout #thesweatlifeyxe from 7 to 8 a.m.

Be the first to experience Downtown’s newest patio

Take a lunch break, or stop for a pint. Get a seat on the O’Shea’s Irish Pub back-alley pilot patio. Some of the best local restaurants in DTNYXE will be open, too.

42nd Annual 2ND AVE Sidewalk Sale 2018 in Downtown Saskatoon

Where: 2nd Ave and 21st St
When: Thursday 9:30 a.m. – 9:00 p.m & Friday/Saturday 9:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

Do Sask is a proud sponsor of the 42nd Annual 2ND AVE Sidewalk Sale. Want more details? Follow DTNYXE on Facebook and Twitter.

Saskatoon Summer Speed Dating Schedule 2018

Speed dating in Saskatoon schedule 2018

Saskatoon summer speed dating will keep you busy all season long if you’re single and ready to meet new people near you. Check out the full schedule below to save the date for six upcoming events in July, August, and September at Finn’s Irish Pub.

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Saskatoon in the summer provides a beautiful backdrop to get to know new people. Whether you’re walking around the riverbank, tanning on a beach, enjoying some local ice cream, or checking out one of the local breweries – it’s a great time to level up your dating game.

Where do you meet single people in Saskatoon?

Get ready for Saskatoon summer speed dating at Finn’s Irish Pub in the Park Town Hotel. You’ll check into the event inside the pub before the private event takes place in the Park Town Hotel banquet hall. Click on one of the dates below to register.

Confirmed 25 to 36 dates:

July 10
August 14
September 11

Confirmed 34 to 45 dates:

July 24
August 21
September 18

Your ticket includes date matching services and a complementary welcome drink on me. There is no other provider in Saskatoon that offers this value.

Do Sask runs events with a minimum 7 men and 7 women registered in advance. That means you’re guaranteed at least 7 ‘dates’, or you’ll get your money back.

Saskatoon Summer Speed Dating 2018

Where: Finn’s Irish Pub in the Park Town Hotel
When: Tuesdays 7:00 – 9:00 p.m
What: 120 mins of fun & fast dating
Cost: $35 includes all taxes, fees, and a welcome drink

Finn’s Irish Pub generously invited Saskatoon Speed Dating to take over their space for the summer to give you a shot at love. Follow Finn’s Irish Pub on Facebook for other unique events in Saskatoon.

Gay Bars and Nightclubs in Saskatchewan

Gay Bars and Nightclubs in Saskatchewan: Divas

Saskatchewan isn’t necessarily known as the world’s most progressive place. With our biggest exports being grain and potash, the common stereotype is that we’re akin to America’s deep south – conservative, closed-minded farmers. And it doesn’t help that a once-frustrated hometown star, Joni Mitchell, labelled the entire community of Saskatoon as bigoted.

Gay Bars & Nightclubs in Saskatchewan

That’s why it’s impressive that we have a few dedicated spaces for the LGBTQ community. While there is no “gay district”, we’ve got gay-friendly locales that you can spread out to across the province.

Since Pride Month is in full swing, I thought I’d take some time to raise awareness for the gay nightclubs and bars in Saskatchewan that you can take advantage of all year. Because homosexuality should be accepted as a norm in society and we’ve still got a long way to go.

Enjoy a cocktail and meet up with other like-minded peeps. Between Regina and Saskatoon, there are three major nightclubs that serve gay clientele:

Diva’s Nightclub in Saskatoon

Gay Bars and Nightclubs in Saskatchewan: Divas
Photo via Diva’s

Opening nearly 40 years ago, Diva’s is a historic establishment that boasts itself as “Saskatoon’s Premier Gay Bar”. Come in through the back alley on an average weekend for laser lights, live DJs, and dancing. Save the date for special events like regular Ru Paul’s Drag Race viewing parties, drag queen contests, and eye-popping live entertainment.

PiNK Lounge & Nightclub in Saskatoon

With a multi-level interior design that changes almost as quickly as a chameleon, PiNK’s operators like to keep patrons on their toes. The last time I went, they had a giant raised pole in the middle of the dance floor – who knows what they’ll have next month! Plenty of inclusive events happen here regularly.

Q Nightclub & Lounge in Regina

As one of the last community-owned gay bars in Canada, Q is a hub for Regina’s LGBTQ crowd. Feel connected and welcomed at weekly open mics, drag queen bingo, karaoke, trivia, and more! Q also hosts special events complete with go-go dancers.

Local Gay-Friendly Bars

The following Saskatoon* spots work with the LGBTQ community to create a gay-friendly space and regular themed events:

Village Guitar & Amp in Riversdale Saskatoon

Guitar shop by day, inspiring event space by night. This one-of-a-kind venue is not a regular bar, but hosts many live music shows, weddings, fundraisers, and more throughout the year.

Capitol Music Club in Downtown Saskatoon

Capitol is a downtown spot with a full-menu and massive interior space for dancing, live music, and comedy nights. For something different, go during the afternoon to enjoy the hanging indoor plants and skylight.

They have signs placed all around the bar explaining what to avoid talking about while inside, including politics and religion.

Amigos Cantina near Broadway in Saskatoon

One of Saskatoon’s biggest community-centred hubs, Amigos Cantina is a place where you’ll enjoy a wide variety of Mexican cuisine and pub classics. They host live musicians, improv comedy, karaoke, and themed dances – sometimes on the same night. Enjoy a cold cocktail on their patio after a long day.

Louis’ Pub at the University of Saskatchewan Campus

Louis’ is a casual student hang-out that partners with the USSU Pride Centre to host LGBTQ events. Along with pub fare, you can find many different reasons to check out Louis’ for live shows and sporting events.

Drift Sidewalk Cafe & Vista Lounge in Riversdale Saskatoon

Whether you’re dropping in for a late brunch, or want spectacular twilight view of the riverbank, the whimsical Drift Sidewalk Cafe & Vista Lounge has some incredible options for you. Both their space and menu is dynamic, with seasonal eats, local craft beer, and cocktails that hit the spot.

Finn’s Irish Pub

Located on the corner of Spadina and 25th Street, Finn’s Irish Pub is a nice place to stop in for a cold brew while walking along the riverbank with your honey. They offer regular free live music, paint nites, and special holiday events. Check out their large patio in the summer time.

*At publishing, I couldn’t easily track down gay-friendly nightclubs or bars in other Saskatchewan cities. If you want to be included on this listing, please send a message to info@dosask.com.

Join the Do Sask Facebook group and sign up to the weekly newsletter to find gay-friendly events and more in Saskatoon.
Featured image: Diva’s Facebook Page