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How many people have relationship success at Saskatoon Speed Dating?

Saskatoon Speed Dating is to dating what getting a sample from Costco is to buying the full package. It’s a taste of what someone is about and it’s up to you what happens next. I have no control over whether or not you like the sample.

The average match percentage is over 83%, so most people walk away with at least a friend connection. I’ve heard back from people with their unique success stories. Sometimes they meet people that become good friends. Sometimes they meet people who become something more. Saskatoon speed dating has only been around since last April, so I’m in the midst of following up with all attendees to see where they are now.

POST: Speed dating match success story. 

How does the Saskatoon Speed Dating match process work?

You have to be a mutual ‘Yes’ or a ‘Yes’ and a ‘friend’ in order for any contact details to be shared. Contact details are only shared with mutual matches. If one person marks ‘Yes’ and the other ‘No’ then no details are shared.

For example, if you choose someone as a friend and they choose you as a match they’ll be notified that they’ve matched with you as a friend only and vice versa.

How many men and women attend Saskatoon Speed Dating on average?

Attendance depends on many factors including, but not limited to, the age group, time of year, and interest level. Speed Dating sells out regularly in certain age groups and at certain times of the year. A “sell out” is considered 28 preregistered people; 14 men and 14 women.

Do people attend Saskatoon Speed Dating solo?

Yes, nearly everyone comes on their own to speed dating. Some people bring friends with them, but they’re usually the minority. Others know 10 singles and invite every one of them along, but that’s definitely a unique situation. The solo speed daters usually come out of their shells and feel so glad that they worked up the nerve to do it.

How many dates happen at each Saskatoon Speed Dating event?

How many “dates” you go on depends with how many people are in attendance. I work hard to monitor each event to have a minimum 7 male and 7 female registrations, so that you’ll have at least 7 dates in total.

What happens if I can’t make it to Saskatoon Speed Dating?

If you know in advance that you can’t make it to speed dating, you have a few options. Please read the Terms & Conditions. If you don’t have a friend to transfer the ticket to, there are plenty of people on the wait list who would be happy to fill your seat. 

I send a 24 hour reminder email and ask attendees to let me know if they can’t make it. On occasion, some registered guests have chosen not to inform me that they aren’t able to attend. In these instances it is impossible to make up for their space by notifying people on the wait list without advance notice. If you can’t make it let me know as soon as you know!

What do I get with my Saskatoon Speed Dating ticket?

Registration includes speed dating match service, a list of conversation starters, and a complementary welcome drink (highball).

Do you have beverage options for non-drinkers at Saskatoon Speed Dating?

Absolutely! There are non-alcoholic refreshments available from our host venue bar.

Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter Saskatoon Speed Dating?

Yes, the minimum age is 19, or as listed on the event. You will need to show proof of age when you check in.

What is the age range of Saskatoon Speed Dating attendees?

We cater to ages ranging from 24 to 45 depending on the event age niche. For example, I post each event as a designated age group so registrants know the age of majority at speed dating. A buffer of year or two above or below the posted age group is fine and expected.

Note: Based on feedback from past events, attendees want age guidelines as a screening process. For this reason, ages are clearly outlined on each speed dating event. Please refrain from registering in the wrong age group, or your match results will drop.
If you don’t see your age range, please email your name and age to info@dosask.com. Do Sask will book an event for your age group once the list of interested singles is large enough.

How can I contact the organizer of Saskatoon Speed Dating with my questions?

You can email info@dosask.com, or call Amy at 306-241-3462.

What’s the Saskatoon Speed Dating refund policy?

No refunds. The experience depends on good numbers and balanced genders, so you need to be there!

When does Saskatoon Speed Dating registration close?

Ticket sales end as soon as the event sells out, or 24 hours prior to the event. We do this to ensure that there is an even amount of genders and to notify our venue of how many people will be in attendance.

Do I have to bring my printed ticket to Saskatoon Speed Dating?

No. Your registration is automatically tracked with Eventbrite, but you need to check in when you arrive.

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Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event?

Yes, the minimum age is 19.  Photo ID required.

What is the refund policy?

No refunds less than a week before your tour. 50% processing fee 7 days or more before tour.

How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

You can email info@dosask.com, or call 306-241-3462.

When does registration close?

Ticket sales end as soon as the tour sells out, or 24 hours prior to the event. We do this to notify our driver, breweries, and guides of how many people will be in attendance.

Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?

No. Your registration is automatically tracked, but you need to check in when you arrive.