Finding things to do in Saskatchewan shouldn’t be hard.

Do Sask is changing the way you interact with the community around you through blogs and events that bring out the best fun things to do in Saskatchewan.

Get involved in meaningful ways around the province and find adventure close to home.

Contribute ideas on ways to have fun, try new things, connect and spend quality time with others.

Make stronger relationships with people around you.

Think of Do Sask as the easiest way to plan fun things to do in Saskatchewan.

Do Sask is basically…

  • producing events that help locals and tourists make memories on the prairies.
  • an info source for the social prairie crowd offering a way to make meaningful relationships with other people that have similar interests.
  • providing local businesses and organizations an opportunity to create and share memorable events with our followers.
  • offering inspirational blogs, planning tools, and tips to break away for fun things to do in Saskatchewan.

The spirit of Do Sask is being brave enough to try new things.

About Do Sask’s Founder

Hey! My name’s Amy.

Do Sask Founder Amy Rederburg

I moved back to my hometown of Saskatoon in the summer of 2016 after eight years away in Alberta. I knew the city had grown in population because I was back and forth visiting family over the years, but I was overwhelmed by its change in landscape and lifestyle. So much, in fact, that I began creating mental lists of all the new things to do in Saskatoon to keep track of it all.

Saskatoon’s Boom Left People Behind

I realized that while Saskatchewan was experiencing growth there was a lack of information for people looking to do more than the same old tourist attractions. Plus, you had to search every site’s events page to gather planning information. It was a hassle and seriously time consuming. I saw a need to provide activities to millennials like me to help create better, meaningful social communities.

Create New Ways to Connect

Do Sask started at the beginning of 2017 with a goal to fill the site with ideas of things to do in Saskatchewan before the end of January. Generating a whole province worth of adventures is a lot more work than I’d anticipated! Then I got into creating my own events: speed dating, studio do, and brewery tours.

One day I hope to find a computer developer that will help me automate and populate an events calendar that’s easy to use.

Tell me your favourite things to do in Saskatchewan!

If you’d like to get involved in choosing the next workshop, contribute to our idea vault, or start connecting to folks like you, check out Do Sask on Facebook or drop me a line.