20+ Creative Ways to Unwind During Physical Distancing (It’s not Puzzles)

Since completing the first month of lockdown, I’ve had several weeks to try out a tonne of unique and entertaining activities that are keeping me busy doing things I enjoy. By now, you know that tuning in to ‘living room’ concerts is an opportunity to get your fix of musical entertainment. And streaming the latest from Netflix has its place, too. The following ideas are different because they move you from an audience member to an active performer in your own entertainment.

In my last post, I mentioned that it’s important to schedule a routine that includes fun activities, giving yourself breaks from the constant media stream and work from home tasks that dominate your day. Make an appointment with yourself to unwind creatively. Some of the links go to support independent businesses in Saskatoon. Here are some options that you may not have tried yet:


  • Design a neighbourhood full of your dream homes in the Sims 4.
  • Order a themed takeout meal from your favourite restaurant to match your movie choice.
  • Play Jackbox with friends remotely.
  • Sing a karaoke duet with a friend on Smule.
  • Have a make your own pizza night.
  • Take a country drive and sing along to your favourite road trip songs. I like driving down to Whitecap Dakota First Nation for a short break. Blackstrap and Diefenbaker/Outlook would make a nice longer drive. It’s the cheapest time to get out on the open road.
  • Start your own plant seedlings. Start an apartment herb garden, or a small backyard container garden.
  • Watch the sunset and try to describe all the colours.
  • Play a Just Dance game. In my opinion, this is the most efficient way to bust stress.
  • Whistle a tune to your pet.
  • Choose a theme and host a family or friend dinner online. Selecting a theme makes it feel like you’re together.
  • Take friends on a “hyper-local wine tour” of your place. Visit the bathroom, the living room, etc.
  • Take a photo walk around your neighbourhood. Notice the things that you may not have seen before.
  • Create a self-portrait sugar cookie. Recreate your face on a simple round sugar cookie shape.
  • Rent a board game. If you like it enough, you can share another round with friends in the future.
  • Order a new book for curbside pickup. Browse books online and support a local author.
  • Play card games with friends. Psst… “Remote Sensitivity” is essentially Cards Against Humanity.
  • Browse renowned museums and galleries from your home.
  • Decorate your fence or front window.
  • Download, print, and colour drawings from artists around the world. Many artists are uploading their designs for free, or a small donation to charity.
  • Bird watch and try to name a few of the flocks that are coming back to town.

What have you been doing to unwind? Please don’t say puzzles.