10 Best Hidden and Rooftop Patios in Saskatoon

The Saskatoon summer heat brings everyone into the sun for drinks with friends. The city has one of the largest rates of restaurants per capita in Canada, so rooftop patios are one way to stand out above the rest. Get a new perspective of the city, or choose a lesser-known gem for some downtime. This post focuses on the local patios that are hidden away, or up a flight of stairs.

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You’ll find a selection of hidden and rooftop patios throughout Saskatoon. Known as decks to most locals, these rooftop patios are available throughout the warm months of May through September. Most of these spots are very casual and affordable, so leave the “extra” to instagram and just relax.

10 Best Hidden & Rooftop Patios in Saskatoon

Yard & Flagon Pub

Why not stop for a Bellini on this beautiful day! ☀️

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Known as one the best rooftop patios in Saskatoon, the Yard is an Irish Pub that serves up traditional fare and draft beer. The patio is multi-level, so watch your step after you’ve been sipping on day drinks.

Address: 718 Broadway Avenue
Phone:  (306) 653-8883

Winston’s English Pub

Go all the way to the back right of the bar, then go a little further. Once you pass the washrooms, you’ll make a beeline to the patio doors. Enjoy one of over 76 craft beer on tap with your all day brekki – completely hidden from the public.

Address: 243 21st St E
Phone:  (306) 374-7468

The Hose & Hydrant Pub

It’s a BEAUTIFUL day for some patio drinks! See you on the deck ?☀️

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A new-er edition to the historic fire hall building, the patio is a large and welcoming space for your group. Sip a caesar by the fire pit and load up on signature “fire starter” appies like anojitos.

Address: 612 11th St E
Phone:  (306) 477-3473

Vista Lounge

Fans of small plates rejoice! This west-coast inspired lounge is the perfect spot to watch the sunset while you share dinner with friends. Choose the side patio for a quick cocktail, or step up to the rooftop for a whimsical view with a balloon.

Address: 339 Ave A S
Phone:  (306) 653-2256

O’Shea’s Irish Pub

Get classic Irish pub fare at one of the most popular rooftops in the city. O’Shea’s steps up to summer with a heating and misting contraption to keep you comfy no matter the weather.

Address: 222 2 Ave S
Phone:  (306) 384-7444

Crazy Cactus

The downtown patio is home of the gringo! That may not mean much to outsiders, but the notorious cocktail is made with Churchill Blonde craft beer, tequila, triple sec and lime. Saskatoon’s younger crowd LOVES the stuff.

Address: 269 3 Ave S
Phone:  (306) 975-1266

Specklebelly’s Pub & Eatery

You won’t hear much about this low-profile patio in Sutherland, but it’s worth a try. This pub has insanely good feature drinks every night. In my opinion, the best day to go is Saturday – there aren’t huge line ups and you can get a decent date for cheap.

Address: 900 Central Ave
Phone:  (306) 249-0900

Dino’s Bar & Grill

Another Sutherland staple patio, Dino’s is a student bar that serves up Italian cuisine from the Venice House Traditional Grill kitchen downstairs. Get delicious food for a fraction of the cost with the daily special menu.

Address: 906 Central Ave
Phone:  (306) 373-6666

Una Pizza + Wine

This patio is located in an alcove next to the Broadway Theatre. You won’t necessarily feel off-the-beaten-path as Una is one of the most popular places to dine in Saskatoon. However it took me about 3 tries to figure out exactly where the patio was – so they’ve got that going for them!

Address: 707 Broadway Ave
Phone:  (306) 978-0116

Louis’ Pub 

?? PATIO IS OPEN ??#yxeeats #yxepatio #saskbeers COME HANG OUT WITH US

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Every U of S student knows that Louis’ is a great place to wind down after a long day of studying. But did you know that their rooftop patio is open to everyone sans tuition payments? Combine student-friendly prices with a bird’s eye view of the gorgeous campus and you’ve got yourself a winner.

Address: 93 Campus Drive
Phone:  (306) 966-7000

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Featured image: Una Pizza + Wine